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The World of Sabbih

Based on a true story, The World Of Sabbih follows Sabbih's journey as she overcomes obstacles to pursue her dreams and shows us how a simple act of kindness can make all the difference in someone's life.



Within this space, I'll be sharing insights and valuable tips on how to land a remote job.

Fall Essentials



Within this space I'll be sharing about my journey as an author, slow and intentional living.

Intentional living is about living your best story.

-- John C. Maxwell

Slow Living

/'sloh' 'liv-ing'/ noun

is a lifestyle which encourages a slower approach to aspects of everyday life, involving completing tasks at a leisurely pace.

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About moi


Since experiencing a burnout in 2017, I've embarked on a transformative journey towards intentional living and remote work. As a passionate advocate for hybrid education, I believe in the power of blending traditional and online learning methods to create a more enriching educational experience.

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