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Behind The Idyllic Façade of the Zanzibar Island

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Zanzibar is an island located in the Indian Ocean. It is located around 35 km off from the eastern coast of Africa. Back in history, Zanzibar was a part of the African continent. However, it separated from the mainland millions of years ago. Paje is a village in Zanzibar. This village is located on the eastern coast of the island. Anyone visiting Zanzibar can reach this village with a drive of around one hour. This is a village that can be explored by foot.

There are numerous natural attractions available for the people to explore and witness while they are in the village. One of the unique things about this village is that it is built according to the traditional Swahili style. Hence, anyone can explore the village while enjoying the cordial atmosphere. This is one of the most popular destinations for kite surfing.

What can members do?

Paje School, which is also known as the Paje Primary & Secondary School is catering towards the brightening up the future of kids who grow up in this village. The school offers education in both English and Swahili languages. As of now, it has got a total of 900 students, who study at primary and secondary grades. 30 professors are teaching in this school to guide the students.

Along with the COVID-19 pandemic, the Paje Secondary School was negatively impacted as well. Students had to face the challenges that a typical school in an underdeveloped region in the world have to face. In other words, the students could not fully switch into remote learning because of the lack of technological assistance. The students were not in a position to afford technology to continue with education as well. This is where the professors came up with a plan to offer blended learning opportunities for the students.

Due to the COVID-19 fears, students were not in a position to come to the school and continue with their studies. However, hybrid learning model was a relief for them. Even though hybrid learning is helping the students at Paje Secondary School to continue with their studies, they are currently facing numerous challenges. Lack of financial assistance is the biggest challenge associated with them..

If you are happy to provide your support to the Paje Secondary School and allow the students to continue with blended learning, you have a great opportunity. In fact, this opportunity will help you to directly involve with education offered for the students. The students did not have any method to continue with their studies during the lockdown. However, the lockdowns have eased as of now, and the professors are currently trying to implement hybrid learning effectively. If you are happy to support on this initiative, you can go ahead and do it. A crowdfunding campaign has been organized to raise funds needed to implement hybrid learning for the students at Paje Secondary School. If you want to learn more details about this campaign, you may take a look at this YouTube video on it. Anyone who is impressed by this initiative can directly go ahead and make a contribution to the Go Fund Me campaign.

The campaign can be accessed through The funding campaign has just started, and it has a long way to go. While making a donation, you can also share it with your friends and family members. Then you can enhance the visibility of the campaign and get the assistance of others who are interested in supporting this worthy cause. Go ahead and visit the campaign now and help to brighten up the future of students at the Paje School.

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