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Crafting 'Le Monde de Sabbih': A Journey of Inspiration and Connection

In the intricate dance of life, sometimes the pen waltzes across the paper, giving birth to a world of inspiration and connection. My journey with writing began at a young age, but as life unfolded, I put the pen down, afraid to let my thoughts breathe beyond the pages. The dormant writer in me reawakened in 2010 when I embarked on a new chapter in China. The desire to write a book lingered, but courage eluded me.

The Healing Symphony of Words: I discovered that writing is not just an act; it is a therapeutic embrace. During times of despair or loss, even in the mundane moments scrolling through social media, the ink became my solace. As an autistic individual, journaling became my compass in deciphering the intentions of the world around me. Writing, I found, is my therapy, allowing me to sit for days, penning the symphony of my thoughts.

Eclipsing Language: Ramadan 2022's Multilingual Tale The narrative of 'Le Monde de Sabbih' unfolded during a sacred period, Ramadan 2022. Though accustomed to writing in English, this tale chose to be told in French. The journey of the story was bilingual, translating between languages to capture its essence. The storyboard, a visual orchestra of memories from Zanzibar, painted the scenes with vivid strokes of inspiration during my travels in January/February 2024.

Dramatic Threads: Novelas Inspirations in a Short Story Drama As a fervent admirer of Novelas, Soap Operas, and drama, I drew from their compelling plots to articulate the complexities of a family facing financial struggles. The challenge lay in encapsulating these profound themes within the confines of a short story. In weaving this narrative, the vibrant threads of Novelas guided the way.

Roots and Wings: From Diaspora to STEM Initiatives Being an African woman born in the diaspora, with roots in Senegal and France, my motivation extends beyond personal creativity. Stemming from the understanding of my father's journey from Senegal to Europe for a better life, the narrative reflects my commitment to giving back. The STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) initiative becomes a vehicle for change, an echo of my dedication to empowering communities.

Sabbih's Serenade: Family Sacrifice, Community Bonds, and the Power of Hope In the essence of every story lies the author's values. 'Le Monde de Sabbih' mirrors my belief in the strength of family sacrifice and the significance of community bonds. In a time when individualism prevails, the narrative champions mutual effort, hope, and the transformative power of strangers coming together. Sabbih embodies the aspiration to impact Africa positively, a reflection of my own journey.

As the chapters of 'Le Monde de Sabbih' unfold, it becomes more than a story; it is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit. Being an author is an evolving craft, a commitment to continuous improvement. In concluding this journey, I extend a hand of hope to fellow authors – persist, refine, and let your words resonate, for in the tapestry of storytelling, we find not just inspiration but also a connection that transcends boundaries.

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